Great Experience That Android IPTV Box Brings

After announcement by IN Media that their IPTV box be integrated with Google's Android 2.2 operating system, it meant a great advance on TV technology, meanwhile, it meant limitless experience we can access to internet. In this article, let us discuss what surprise can an android IPTV box bring to us.

Android IPTV Box Makes Everything Possible

Built in HDMI port, the Android IPTV Box allow you to connect with 1080P High Definition Television or HDTV, projector and computer monitor where you can watch any TV channels you would like to enjoy, HD Video or Movies, music, playing online games, browsing the internet, online shopping, internet banking, sending and receiving emails, social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Skype or MSN. It is a new generation entertainment style for sharing, enjoying and relaxing with your whole family.

The latest and most advanced games, on demand content and applications from the Web can now be downloaded by consumers. Customers will also be able to create widgets allowing seamless integration with their Android based mobile phones such as Android HD smartphone. PC's running Android and all Android enabled devices within IN Media'IPTV Box can be also seamlessly integrated.

IN Media says development of Android 2.2 Touch sensitive screen Kiosks primarily based on IPTV cloud technology. The Kiosks offer cheap but advanced sales and selling technology for today's consumer. IN Media Corp press releases free announced the intended launch of its new interactive High-definition Kiosk based upon their IPTV technology. Better than HD smartphone, the Kiosks feature cost effective solutions with graphics and video support that permits HD display signage and an interactive touch sensitive screen reply to both buyer content searches and purchases through the cloud thru Internet connection. Displayed content can be modified straight away as the HD screen is fed new info. The requirement for a full-blown computer CPU is disposed of, dramatically reducing costs and space issues. Single retail locations and 1,000 plus retail chains will be well placed to offer their own in store TV channel. Buyers will be in a position to find any product in a store easily by touching a HDTV screen and check on inventory in the store. Plans for field testing of the Kiosk is scheduled for later.

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