What is The Role of Indian Academy of Science in Development of Scientific Knowledge?

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman would have little knowledge of the role the Indian Academy of Science (IAS) could play in shaping the scientific knowledge of the country. C. V. Raman began the academy with 65 founding fellows and was elected its president in the first general meeting of the Fellows.

It has been over 80 years since the academy was founded but it sticks to its constitution and objectives. The goals set in the first meeting of Fellows still hold values for the country in the modern age.
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It started with the aim of developing scientific knowledge and it is still educating people about science.

1. Promote Progress in Scientific Knowledge
Department of Science & Technology of India supports the academy in its efforts to promote progress in every branch of science. It inspires schools, colleges, and institutions to do well in pure and applied branches of science. The academy works hard with its research in the development of knowledge.

2. Encourage Important Research
Students need encouragement to do well. There is a need to inspire students and people of independent thinking to do creative work in the field of science. And the academy takes the initiative and responsibility to develop scientific knowledge through research work.

3. Represent the Scientific Work
Science and technology in India are in their developing stage. Many institutions and individuals are doing commendable work in the field of science. Here academy comes into the picture. Its job is to represent the scientific work and development of the country on international platforms.

4. Publish Work
It is a great job done by the academy. Also, it is necessary to continue the academic work. IAS publishes everything related to scientific research done by any institution or university or even by government departments. Being a premium academy, its role is to bring every research into the public domain.

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