Importance OF Cartoons IN Depicting Social Issues Through Whimsical Medium

Cartoons shows hold a lot of importance in depicting social issues for the reason its medium of expressing the subject is very whimsical as compared to anything else. Initially, when cartoon shows came into the picture, their sole aim was to entertain the audience with pictorial representation. It was later when shows like 'The Simpsons' and 'Flintstones' surfaced, the outlook of people towards them changed drastically. Cartoons doubtlessly look funny and amusing but it doesn't alter the fact that it's just another way of illustrating a story or thought.

Be it Tom and Jerry, Duck Tales, or Lion of Oz; all these programs encapsulated mature themes besides being sugar-coated so as to please the children. The credibility of Tom and Jerry, in particular, isn't confined to the fact that how well it can entertain a person. It is one of the rarest entertainment shows that have stood the test of time. This is a result of an uber creative thinking. During your childhood, you are likely to reckon yourself with the super adorable mouse 'Jerry' rather than 'Tom', the cat. But as soon as you attain maturity, you realize that it's Tom who rightfully deserves the love. And you will end up finding the same pyrotechnics of the mouse super annoying.

Considering that this is a superlatively written show, it signifies that cartoons can say things a lot more efficiently without ever losing the entertainment value. Take the films of Disney and Pixar for instance. Every year these pioneering animation studios come up with films that not only offer fresh stories but stories that gel well both with the kids and the adults. Ignoring the meticulous animation, the true power of their films lies in the concepts. Last year's Zootopia was a crackling animated movie but it embodied themes of caste, color, and creed. Kids may not be able to spot these themes but the adults do and the film cleverly delivers its message.

As a result, it can be apprehended that cartoons are the best medium available right now through which relevant social messages can be given to the society. There are a lot of frivolous looking cartoon shows running right now that incorporate moral lessons for both the kids and the grownups to fathom. Mooshak-GunGun is one such show that is as stupid as meaningful it is. Centered on a cat and a mouse who are always finding ways to annoy each other; the show is a delight to watch.

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